Heating & Drying Equipment

We understand the importance of efficient and reliable heating and drying equipment for various applications, from construction sites to event venues.

With our top-quality rental options, you can keep your projects on schedule, minimize downtime, and create comfortable environments regardless of the weather conditions.

construction heating equipment rental
Ground Thawing

Efficient ground thawing to help you get through any frozen ground problem.

Insero towable indirect heater
Large Indirect Heaters

For large heating project or in combustible areas, we can help you keep your area warm.

Frostfighter indirect heater
Indirect Heaters

Great for construction, event, or home projects for easy setup, operation, and efficiency.

floor fans
Fans & Drying

A variety of air-moving fans and systems to help dry any area.


Compact and commercial air dehumidifiers for drying the air and reducing mold and other moisture damage.

fAQ's and specs:

  • Ground Thawing

  • Large Indirect Heaters

  • Indirect Heaters

  • Fans & Drying

  • Dehumidifying

Specification Ranges:

Hose Length: 3,000'

Thawing Capacity: 3,000 - 6,000 Sq. Ft.

Fuel: Winter-Blend diesel

*Equipment availability differs per location. Alternative model substitutions may be offered. Additional equipment and solutions may also be available. Please contact your local rental store.

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